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Digital Coffee Podcast

Mar 31, 2016

 Today's Episode

Today on Marketing Blend, I talk the social media news that matters.  Snapchat's update and the impact it will have on social media as a whole. Snapchat is getting popular with brands. I have seen more and more brands jump into this space. It will be interesting to see the impact it will have on the...

Mar 30, 2016

On Today's Episode

There's a lot of new updates floating around today. Snapchat has unveiled it's newest version of chat. This makes it easier for people to chat with each other and adds more engagement too. Snapchat is becoming the go-to for many young users and brands. Then there's Instagram; they have their users in...

Mar 28, 2016

On Today's Show:

Today on Marketing Blend I talk about the algorithmic feeds. Yes, they are taking the social media world by storm. It's as big, loud, thunderous feed, full of things you may "like." The free gravy organic reach train is coming to an end. Facebook started the trend and now Twitter and Instagram...

Mar 28, 2016

On Today's Episode:

Hey, Gamer's! There's a lot of games coming out over the next two months. Here are some coming out in the next two months: Doom, OverWatch, Battleborn, Banner Saga 2 and more! It's a great time to game. There's some much gaming on the horizon that sleep will be an afterthought. What game are...

Mar 23, 2016

On Today's Episode:

Today on Digital Coffee, I will talk about the best and worst moments of the Apple Event. It was yesterday and all the Apple Fanatics gathered in one room. They were drinking KoolAide and loving what Apple had to say. Apple had a some interesting products coming out. However, the best news was Liam.