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Digital Coffee Podcast

Sep 29, 2016

Today's Episode

Google has released a lot of new features for its analytics software. Prior to this, you could only use the optimizer, data source on the 360 program. Now, they have released beta versions that will help SMBs understand their customers more. This is a great time to learn more about those products....

Sep 27, 2016

Today's Episode

Snapchat Spectacles, that was not that big of a shock. It was an interesting move for Snapchat. This could help them boost their user base or turn into another Google Glass. There will be an issue with privacy and people not knowing if you are recording. I do not like the design of the glasses and think...

Sep 24, 2016

Today's Episode

A promising game, Star Citizen seems to be in trouble. I love space sim games, but, this game may never see the light of day. A new report showcases the damaging saga of Star Citizen. There were lots of people that supported this game, but, Chris Roberts seems to have bitten off more than he could...

Sep 22, 2016

Today's Episode

Ads, they are a valuable tool This is what will drive sales for businesses. Social networks have their ad programs. They are mostly good if you have a great marketer doing some great ads. We are at an interesting time. The better campaign you have, the more likes, the revenue you could get. The problem...

Sep 20, 2016

Today's Episode

Twitter has finally released its "longer tweets." That's right, the media in your tweets will not account against your character count. This is a long time coming. They should have released this years ago. However, at least we get it now. Better late than never! There are some rules to it, but, for the...