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Digital Coffee Podcast

Oct 2, 2017

Today's Episode

The tech media seems all the same. They are all the same political ideology and talk less about tech and more about social-political topics. I want tech to be about tech. We do not need more of this. I miss when tech was tech!

Show Topics:

  • Why the tech media sounds the same
  • I wish they would talk about...

Sep 27, 2017

Today's Episode

Digital Advertising is the beard and butter of online businesses. However, we've been abusing this for so long, that people are not wanting to see it. What went wrong? I will talk about this in the new episode.

Topics I will Talk About:

  • Pinterest Ads and Target Deal
  • Gab.ia vs. Google
  • The Death of...

Sep 20, 2017

Today's Episode

Equifax is plain awful. A company that stores very personal information should have done a better job at safeguarding that. Now, we have to deal with their mistake. Find out what I say about this and the iPhone X.

Show Topics:

  • The Equifax epic failure
  • What to do about it
  • How to deal with it
  • Why this...

Aug 20, 2017

Today's Episode

In the beginning of the tech industry, they were the misfits, the ones people did not understand. Now, they are the elites, telling people what business they can run, people they can love, and share. These companies are proving that the government is not our biggest threat. The tech companies are the...

Jul 9, 2017

Today's Episode

New features from Snapchat is a good sign. They've taken a beating in the stock market and for user growth. I talk about this new Instagram feature and more tech news here.

Show Timeline:

  • New Intro
  • Qualcomm and Apple battle it out
  • India wants Windows OS for cheap
  • Microsoft layoffs and...