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Digital Coffee Podcast

Oct 8, 2016

Today's Episode

Sometimes mods get a second life. That's the with the Doom 2 mod Unloved. It is on a new engine and on Steam. It looks like a fun time. So give Unloved some love! Yes, I wanted to do that. Rocket League gets and update. Overwatch is getting a new hero, when? Only Blizzard knows!

Find out more down below! 

Gaming News Pwned:

  • Doom 2 mod Unloved gets remade
  • Getting to know the world of Torment
  • Rocket League goes under the sea
  • Anno 2205 gets some cyborgs
  • Get an EVGA GTX 10 series and a PowerLink free(ish)
  • Overwatch gets some Halloween Loot
  • Overwatch getting a new hero soonish
  • Starcraft is getting the 3.17 update
  • Ghost Recon shows off the stealth approach
  • Oculus Rift sets a price and release date for their touch controllers
  • and more!

Gaming Deals:

Tweetable Quotes:

Unloved looks like a fun game.

Blizzard usually knows what they're doing.

You can now sing under the sea while playing Rocket League.


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