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Digital Coffee Podcast

Jan 12, 2017

Today's Episode

Twitter is on a roll. Not a good one, though. They announced Twitter dashboard will shut down. Yes, the dashboard app seemed interesting. Allowing brands and businesses to monitor, tweet and schedule all in one app. 2017 is not starting off on the right foot for Twitter. It was a business decision, but, maybe Twitter should focus on Twitter. No more other apps, just Twitter. Let's hope Twitter finds its way.

However, Facebook is finding a way to repair its relationship with publishers and reports. They have launched a new project dedicated to journalism. This gives them tools and a better way to live stream. It should be interesting to see if this pays off.

Show Timeline:

  • Windows 10 testing out a new security feature
  • Microsoft is letting customers lock down their data
  • Trello was acquired
  • Search and sends GIFs in WhatsApp
  • Instagram now shows ads in stories
  • Nokia teases another new Android phone
  • Facebook Live updates
  • Facebook introduces a "Journalism Project"
  • FCC has concerns over zero-rating
  • Android Wear 2.0 is coming... finally
  • VSCO NY office closes
  • Adobe and the AI helper
  • Twitter dashboard is shutting down
  • Yahoo is no more and Marissa Mayer is out
  • Amazon gets hit with a fine
  • Silicon Valley is clueless again
  • AMD RyZen to ship on March 3rd
  • Intel gives hyperthreading to its low-end chips
  • Hackers can steal your fingerprints in photos
  • Verizon hates unlimited users

Apps/Programs to try:

Show Highlights:

I'm so sick of Silicon Valley and not understanding reality

Twitter needs to focus on Twitter.

If you like flashing peace signs, waving or thumbs up in pictures, don't do it.

Verizon, this is sending the wrong message.


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