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Digital Coffee Podcast

May 28, 2017

Today's Episode

SJWs takeover was a slow malicious turn to terrible writing. It has infected Bioware. Bioware was a great developer. Their stories were always top notch. The reason, they had a checklist. SJW's usually want to give a long list of things games should have. These lists usually make bland writing. I hope EA turns away from this. It's not going to help their business.

Show Timeline:

  • IO Interactive hit with layoffs
  • Player UknownBattlegrounds is going to focus on stability
  • Gwent is in open beta
  • Titanfall 2 gets a new DLC this month
  • BF1 announces new DLC
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson will be at E3 and I will too!
  • Beam rebrands to Mixer
  • Tannenberg is a standalone expansion from Verdun
  • Far Cry 5 and the stupidity around it
  • OverWatch anniversary and complaints
  • My impressions of Prey, Strife, and Surge

Highlights from the Show:

People are projecting what their enemy is on Far Cry 5

BF1 arguments on the latest DLC is stupid.

EA your games are starting to be bland.

If you're writing is going down an SJW checklist, you have a terrible story.

Stop listening to SJWs. They don't buy your games.