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Digital Coffee Podcast

Jun 15, 2016

Today's Episode

Tech buyouts, they happen. Tech companies see they cannot compete with the big guys, or are offered a great package. Either way, the user is forced to with find another app. LinkedIn was acquired yesterday, and it seems like a good/puzzling move. LinkedIn is a social network refusing to die and Microsoft is taking advantage. This is a great acquisition for Microsoft. It will push them into the business sector even more. I do hope they help LinkedIn's website. That site needs some love. It looks like, but, there are some things that need a change. Twitter has an odd update. They are letting users retweet themselves. I have never been of fan of this. Facebook has allowed users to do this for a while. It's a terrible idea. Twitter, do use all a favor and stop. the. madness!

In other news, the FCC won their court case! This is great news for net neutrality. The FCC can regulate internet service providers and hopefully, make them upgrade their network. I will not hold my breath on that. However, the lawsuits are not done yet. The internet companies will file an appeal, so, I'll let you know of any more updates. Anyways, on with the show.

Tech News Discussed:

  • Apple announces iOS 10
  • Apple releases Siri to the developers
  • Apple allows people to make stickers for imessage
  • Apple updates its Homekit
  • Siri can do more finally
  • Apple Maps is more like Google Maps
  • Apple makes a game for kids learn how to code
  • Storehouse is closing
  • Google Fiber is coming to Dallas
  • Rhapsody changes to Napster
  • Facebook Messenger can now send SMS... again on Android
  • Twitter lets people retweet themselves... why?
  • Microsoft buys LinkedIn
  • And more!


What do you think about Microsoft buying LinkedIn?


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