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Digital Coffee Podcast

Apr 29, 2016

Today's Episode

No Man's Sky looks poised to become an incredible game. The tech behind it is worth a playthrough. It is interesting that they went with no story in the game. I agree with their decision to not add a story. The whole point of No Man's Sky is to explore the universe. A story, no matter how good it would be, is going to get in the way. We will find out if having no story was a wise choice. Doom is coming out soon and adding a permadeath to the hardest level should make it brutal. The game does go back to its roots. They have eliminated regenerating health and brought back the twitch shooting. I am intrigued if this game plays well and is fun. The new episode of Hitman came out recently and it shows how great the franchise can be. This is the best I've seen of Hitman in a while. Hitman fans should be delighted. There's more I talk about in the podcast. Check it out!

Gaming Topics I Discuss:

  • Doom is so hard the developer has not beaten the hardest difficulty
  • The Division needs a network rewrite says one professional
  • It looks like Steam sales are down from last year, but more games are coming out
  • No Man's Sky does not have a story, but lore
  • Call of Duty is going to remaster COD 4
  • Deus Ex is getting new and better augs
  • Games you should get
  • Hitman Episode 2 review

Games Coming Out In May:


What are games are you going to play in May?


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