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Digital Coffee Podcast

Nov 19, 2016

Today's Episode

Ubisoft can we talk? Ubisoft hates stories? Apparently, they do not want to write narratives anymore. I cannot remember the last game I played where the story was good. Ubisoft hates stories. They do not want to create interesting characters. The problem with gaming stories is they all seem to follow a pattern. Yes, I know there are only some many ways to write a story. However, the gaming industry is not willing to risk that much. The problem is the best stories can come from those risks. I hope they find a way to do both. 

I talk about more in the podcast, find out what?

Gaming News Pwned:

  • Titanfall 2 is on sale. Hmmmm
  • Is EA committed to Titanfall 2?
  • Overwatch is free this weekend
  • Patch 1.5 is live and Sombra is here!
  • Overwatch community is not liking the new level up system
  • Hitman has a new elusive target
  • Fallout: The Frontier looks awesome!
  • Dishonored 2 is getting NewGame+ and adjustable difficulty
  • A gamer beats Dishonored 2 in 30 minutes
  • Witcher 3, Overwatch and Dark Souls 3 take home some Golden Joysticks
  • Ubisoft doesn't want to write stories
  • Star Wars: Battlefront DLC Rogue One is coming out before the movie
  • Total War is going in a new era
  • Rainbow Six Siege Operation Red Crow is out
  • Battlefield 1 Battlefest is going on now
  • Battlefield 1 fall update is here!
  • Bioware adds a new alien to Mass Effect
  • My Dishonored 2 review

Gaming Deals:


Tweetable Quotes:

The new elusive target is a douche. Yes,  you can kill a douche.

Ubisoft has never written great stories.

Star Wars: Battlefront has a new DLC for the few of you still playing.


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