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Digital Coffee Podcast

Aug 20, 2017

Today's Episode

In the beginning of the tech industry, they were the misfits, the ones people did not understand. Now, they are the elites, telling people what business they can run, people they can love, and share. These companies are proving that the government is not our biggest threat. The tech companies are the biggest threat to ideas and modern society and they need to recognize this. Find out more on this episode of Digital Coffee.

Episode Timeline:

  • Why Google is wrong again
  • Why GoDaddy is wrong
  • Why Cloudfare is wrong
  • Why OkCupid is wrong
  • Why Facebook is wrong and how they shaped this
  • Why Discord is wrong
  • Why Airbnb is wrong
  • Why Gab.ia should not have been banned
  • The tech companies telling people how to think
  • The threat of the echo chamber
  • What we can do to change this

Highlights of the Show:

Google if you don't stop, no one is going to want to use your services.

OkCupid are you for equality or not?

OkCupid is anti-feminist

Facebook shaped how we view the world for ad money.

There are only two ways of changing this: laws or not use their services.