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Digital Coffee Podcast

Jun 4, 2017

Today's Episode

It's terrible that tech leaders run their mouths and are completely wrong. They're great when they stick to tech. However, they keep running their mouths and I will be here to say, "you're wrong." They are wrong. Find out why they're wrong.

Show Timeline:

  • The social media companies "cleaning up" "hate speech"
  • Facebook dealing with "fake news"
  • Mark Zuckerberg doesn't get it.... again
  • Ev Williams, the Internet does not need to be fixed.
  • NSA and the last administration didn't like your 4th amendment
  • Why was Hillary Clinton at a Code Conference?
  • Why tech media needs to care about diversity from a mindset perspective
  • The stupidity of the tech leaders and the Paris agreement
  • Skype gets a makeover

Highlights from the Show:

Mark, we have a universal income, it's welfare and it doesn't work.

Tech leaders do not care about blue collar jobs.

Tech leaders have a God complex.