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Digital Coffee Podcast

Sep 27, 2017

Today's Episode

Digital Advertising is the beard and butter of online businesses. However, we've been abusing this for so long, that people are not wanting to see it. What went wrong? I will talk about this in the new episode.

Topics I will Talk About:

  • Pinterest Ads and Target Deal
  • Gab.ia vs. Google
  • The Death of Digital Advertising
  • How did this happen
  • Who's to blame
  • What We Can Do About It
  • The NFL Missing The Point
  • Why This Will Hurt
  • My Plea For Businesses To Stay Politically Neutral

Show Highlights:

People hate our crappy ads.

We need to fix this by quality over quantity

More and more people are using or turning on ad blockers

If you're not in the business of opinion, stay out of politics.

Love him or hate him, Trump understands his audience. The NFL doesn't.

Sports was supposed to be a uniter and now it's not...

People want to watch sports, not politics. Understand your audience NFL.