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Digital Coffee Podcast

Jul 9, 2017

Today's Episode

New features from Snapchat is a good sign. They've taken a beating in the stock market and for user growth. I talk about this new Instagram feature and more tech news here.

Show Timeline:

  • New Intro
  • Qualcomm and Apple battle it out
  • India wants Windows OS for cheap
  • Microsoft layoffs and restructure
  • Instagram has a new feature
  • Waymo drops a few patents in its fight against Uber
  • mySugr looks great for diabetics
  • Jawbone exits the consumer market
  • Soundcloud lay off 173 staff and closes offices
  • What Snapmap is really about
  • Snapchat has new features
  • Blue Apron and its IPO
  • Amazon Prime Day
  • CNN, stick to the news.

Highlights from the Show:

India it's your fault for not updating. Take responsibility

This legal battle is not going to well

At least Facebook finally came out with a new feature

Podcasters, be sure you use something other than SoundCloud

People do not understand the opt-in for Snapmap

I've always said that Snapchat should over innovate Facebook

Blue Apron sound interesting but analysts are wrong sometimes.