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This podcast dedicated to all things tech. The story of how this came about was ordinary, maybe, but what I want to do with it, is extraordinary. I was working at a coffee shop and pondered my love for coffee and tech. I have also grown up around tech. I also had a new passion for coffee. This idea stayed with me until I figured out the name. Digital Coffee was born. So, with this idea I look at tech as I do coffee. How is the “tech brewed?” In my reviews, I look at it as a taste test, except I don’t drink the tech. I mean, who would? If you do, please let me know how I can! Anyways, if you feel like this is a great space to learn and have fun with tech, then, feel free to support me. I don’t mind at all! If you enjoy my podcast and blog please consider support me here: Schedule: Monday: Digital Coffee Friday: Gamer’s Cafe Saturday: Marketing Blend Gaming on the Weekend! Twitch Youtube
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Mar 4, 2017

Today's Episode

The AMD Ryzen chips launched this week to some interesting benchmarks. The funny thing is the benchmarks are not bad for gaming, they are not better than Intel. Every benchmark I have read has the frame rates above 60 frames per second. It's weird seeing people flip out over nothing. They are not the best benchmarks, but, they are better than the previous CPUs. 

The most exciting thing is Middle Earth is getting a sequel. Yes, more information was released on the sequel. Let's hope they do not mess it up! Find out more gaming news down below.

Show Timeline:

  • Bastion buff not so buff?
  • New Overwatch Character
  • Riot won its legal battle.
  •  AMD Ryzen thoughts
  • Steel Division is an RTS we may all love!
  • Battlefield 1 voice actors to something weird
  • Battlefield 1 DLC news
  • System Shock new pictures
  • So the JC in JC Denton means Jesus Christ
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller can be used on the PC
  • A new mod makes Dark Souls a better PC port
  • G.Skill has a new memory line for Ryzen
  • Mirage: Arcane Warfare closed beta coming this month
  • Fortnite will be out this year
  • Microsoft Creators update gives more privacy
  • No more Indiana remake game
  • Middle-Earth Shadow of War coming and system requirements
  • Twitch will sell games
  • Sean Murray talks about No Man's Sky development
  • Some interesting things about RE7

Gaming Deals:

Highlights from the Show:

This overblown Ryzen is not good, is stupid.

I really hope they are allowed to still make the Indiana Jones remake

The 1080 ti is an absurd card. There is no reason to buy it.


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