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Digital Coffee Podcast

Jun 26, 2017

Today's Episode

Twitter update was a little surprise, but, it was a minor change. People got mad, but, Twitter needs to find a way for new users. We shall see if people like. I sure they will ignore it.

Show Timeline

  • Twitter changes a little
  • YouTube hits another milestone and new features
  • A new study on SERP
  • Google Post is now live to SMB
  • Be sure your website is responsive
  • Sprout Social has a new Twitter bot
  • Instagram adds transparency tools
  • Amazon: Brand Registry 2.0 is a good step forward
  • Do not neglect niche review sites.
  • Google compresses ads for faster loading
  • Periscope adds "Super Hearts"
  • Pinterest updates its lens
  • Fenix 2 has an edit button, come on, Twitter!
  • Snapchat has a map!
  • Stay Hungry

Highlights from the Show

The minor redesign is not bad for Twitter

Google making YouTube their social network is the best idea.

Stay hungry, marketers!

I wish Amazon allowed brands to choose who sells their products.